If you feel good, everything will work out.

We are inundated with things. We are developing our services with the desire to create services that move people's hearts and minds in a world where people have less time to pay attention to their emotions. If you find a service that resonates with you, please try it.


Our Keyword

01 | Mind, Emotion

All of our services are spiced with emotion. And although the services seem disparate and unconnected, they all link together.

02 | Technology, Efficiency

Use technology to develop convenient services that function efficiently with little effort.

03 | Overseas, Global

The goal is to promote cross-cultural exchange, language learning, and interaction among people from different countries.

04 | Creative, Playful

We develop services with an emphasis on the fun, uniqueness, and playfulness of creation.

SINCE 2022

Birth of was created as a website that aggregates services developed at the sole discretion and prejudice of the president.
He also injected emotion and sensitivity, like music, into the services that made his life easier.
Gradually, they became like select stores on the Web, and each service created a synergistic effect.
In the near future, we will surely see the rise of personalized concierge services like the one on this site.


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Power Spots

If you catch the flow of good chi from the universe, all will be well. Grab a good frequency. Power spots are the best places to grab those vibrations.

Kiyomasa's well, Tokyo, Japan

Uriwari Falls, Fukui, Japan

Uriwari Falls, Fukui, Japan

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Uriwari Falls, Fukui, Japan

Uriwari Falls, Fukui, Japan

Mikata-goko lakes, Fukui, Japan

Mikata-goko lakes, Fukui, Japan